• Drilling and chamfering tools to solve the troubles of machining workshops, modern machinery workshops

    Oil and gas parts with many holes require Utex to use two different tools to ensure that the inner and outer diameters are free of burrs. Using Heule’s Vex-S tool, the workshop saved time during each cycle of the entire one minute by performing drilling and chamfering in one step. #case stu...
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  • By 2028, the precast concrete market will reach USD 139.33 billion

    PR Newswire-PR Newswire / San Francisco, March 16, 2021-According to the latest report of Grand View Research Inc., by 2028, the global precast concrete market is expected to reach USD 139.33 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.3%. The reduction of overall construction costs in the r...
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  • Mpls. Final rezoning plan for a changing public school

    The final redistribution proposal for Minneapolis Public Schools will reduce the number of magnet schools and relocate them to the city center, reduce the number of isolated schools, and make fewer surviving students than originally planned. The comprehensive school district design plan released ...
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  • Microsoft puts five new fonts in a deathmatch to rule Office

    The award-winning team of journalists, designers and videographers tell the brand story through Fast Company’s unique lens The number of people using Microsoft Office around the world is staggering, bringing in $143 billion in revenue for Microsoft every year. The vast majority of users never cli...
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  • Search for employers in Illinois for PPP loans

    The Ministry of Finance and the Small Business Administration have published a list of employers who have received more than $150,000 in loans from the Salary Protection Program. Congress passed a $2 trillion federal CARES Act (the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) in March, whi...
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  • A satellite that can clean up space junk with a magnet that will be launched soon

    The satellite will demonstrate for the first time a new method of capturing space junk with magnets. In recent years, as the frequency of space launches has increased dramatically, the possibility of catastrophic collisions above the earth has also increased. Now, Japanese track cleaning company ...
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  • #TOXIC: How to stop attracting poisonous people once and for all! | iHeartRadio

    If you already know that you must avoid a certain type of person, don’t waste time and chat when you know that you are not suitable for the other person. Be straightforward with partners on the dating app, and there is nothing wrong with knowing what you do and what you don’t want. If you h...
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  • What Are The Differences Between Formwork And Shuttering

    What Are The Differences Between Formwork And Shuttering

    The terms formwork and shuttering are both used to describe the process of making the molds in which concrete is poured and contained until it hardens. Shuttering refers to the method of forming the mold using plywood while formwork is more of a broader term that’s used to denote the proces...
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  • What Should You Know About Concrete Formwork Design

    What Should You Know About Concrete Formwork Design

    Concrete formwork serves as a mold to produce concrete elements having a desired size and configuration. It is usually erected for this purpose and then removed after the concrete has cured to a satisfactory strength. In some cases, concrete forms may be left in place to become part of the perman...
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  • Why Prefabricated Buildings Can Rise To National Strategy In China

    Why Prefabricated Buildings Can Rise To National Strategy In China

    After decades of rapid development, China cast-in-situ construction technology can be said to have reached quite a high lever, but why should we vigorously promote the development of prefabricated buildings? 1 Urbanization After the reform and opening up, a large number of agricultural laborers f...
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  • Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet

    Brief Introduction of Shuttering Magnet

    Precast Concrete Magnet/ Shuttering Magnet is the new type building material which are widely used in construction site, with the development of technology, more and more machines match the building industry. So that the shuttering magnets production is invented, Please look at below details. The...
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  • 6 Types of Formwork for Concrete Structures

    6 Types of Formwork for Concrete Structures

    Formwork is used in concrete construction, the mould which make the concrete is poured and allowed to harden. Types of concrete formwork for construction depends on concrete formwork materials and types of formwork construction element.  Normal features of different types of formworks Enough firm...
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